The J – Word

I have something for you to think about. You get a phone call from someone who asks you to go over to a friend of theirs to minister to the individual. They tell you this individual has demons hanging off of them like bats! This individual is expecting you. When you arrive this person answers the door and invites you in. You see that this individual is somewhat scared but you do not know what this person is scared of. You begin to ask questions and then you ask if you could pray for this individual and this individual says yes you may, but I have to ask you that you not say the

J – word (Jesus) when you pray for me. What are you going to do?

This is just something to chew on.


One thought on “The J – Word

  1. This is a good question, this person obviously has some wounds. The first thing to do is our highest calling, to Love! This person needs to see the love of Jesus in us so they can accept Jesus for who he is, not who this person perceives. We can use all the weapons that Father has equipped us with, but if we don't put on the tunic of love, we will get nowhere. Secondly, Holy Spirit needs to lead us on how to minister to this person. Again, it goes back to unconditional love.


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