Mercy and Grace

Mercy and Grace


Sometimes my heart feels so displaced

My faith feels like it has gone away.

All I can do is get on my knees and pray.

God, I just ask for your Mercy and Grace.


Lord, it is you that I look too.

I raise my hands to praise You.

I reach to the Heavens and sing.

The Heavens declare You the King.


Lord, I breathe You in.

Take away my sin.

I look to You for peace.

It only comes from him.


Your faithfulness is so true.

I only look to You.

Your arms surround me.

You are the power, this I see.


So many times, we want it our way.

God says, “you must pray,

And I will help you in my time.

Have faith, everything will be fine.”


Do not rush your life,

You are not going anywhere.

If you leave,

You will be with me.


Lord, when I reach out,

Your presence makes me want to shout.

I tell everybody I can about You.

I know now, that is what I am to do.


I will witness and I will be true.

Everybody needs to know you.

If they do not.

I will keep trying, that is what I will do.


I will only do this for You.

O’Lord, I exalt You

Lord, I give you all of my praise.

Your word is the only thing that is true.


By kevin gwyn @ prayer vigil 3/27/2002 4:45 am ÓCopyrighted 3/29/2002

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