Know the Sacrifice


Behind the tattered robe,

Is the greatest story ever told.

What He did for man,

Some people will never understand.


Those that do,

Know the Sacrifice.

Your blood dripped from the Cross.

It will never be lost.


It is captured forever.

Through the end of time.

It will wash the sin away.

No longer will we be held at bay.


“Lord why have you forsaken me?”

“My Son, it is meant to be.

We must cleanse the Earth of sin.”

“My Son, sacrifice your self, it is time to check in.”


His cries were heard through out the Land.

His death allows us to make a stand.

Glory to the man who saves us.

Glory to our Lord Jesus.


Never could I imagine the suffering.

The Pain that You felt

The blood running into your eyes,

It crushes my heart . . . . . . . makes me cry.


Looking to the Heavens

You were so helpless.

Knowing you were going to die.

Yet, you did not fight back.


You were on the cross

Your spirit not broken.

Your Father has spoken.

“You are not lost.”


“My Son, come be with me.

That is the prophecy.

That is what is meant to be,

You will be my legacy.”


By Kevin Gwyn @ prayer vigil 3/26/2002 ÓCopyrighted

4.30 am

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