The Fruit of the saved

Something to share that my friend David Terry wrote.




If you have been around church or organized religion for any length of time you would probably have to admit there is a certain attitude or swagger to the people who are really “in the know”. We learn very quickly, either directly or indirectly, that there are certain phrases, looks, clothes, even acts of good service that cause us to look like we belong to Christ and His church. However, the true test of “fruit” in the life of the believer is not merely external manifestations of righteousness, but internal changes of desire and attitudes.

Sometimes hanging around church is the easiest place on the planet to think that you are saved. Sometimes growing up in a Christian home can be the most difficult place to find God. Being sandwiched in a culture of so-called “believers”, it is often easy to think that you have become a believer in Christ without doing anything of the sort.

You can be tender to God, the things of God and the people of God and not know God.

You can enjoy the warm and fuzzy fullness of the fellowship of the church and not have a personal relationship with God.


The following is a very brief list of questions concerning the internal fruit of your life. You and only you can answer these questions. Answer honestly.


1. Is your world-view filtered through the lens of God’s sovereignty over all things, events, happenings and circumstances that impact your life? Do you trust Him?


2. Do you find life in the Word of God? Even when you are out of God’s word in your personal walk, when you hear the Truth does it convict, encourage and motivate you?


3. Are you spiritually, as well as, emotionally moved when lost people are saved?


4.Is blatant sin disgusting to you in your own life and grievous when seen in the lives of others?


5. Are you genuinely interested and excited about what God is doing in others?


6. Do you have JOY? (Not happiness that is conditional on your “happenings”)


7. Do you desire a more intimate, unfettered, transparent and oblivious worship of Father? Do you desire even brief moments of being able to block out everything around you and worship Father?


8. Is your spiritual life and character deeper than it was 1 year ago, 3 years ago and 5 years ago?


Write your “story” on a 3×5 card. Write down the experience of your accepting Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. How did you do it? Why did you do it? What did you pray? You cannot be prayed over by another person and “get God”. If you prayed a prayer for any other reason than you were convicted of your sin and separation from God, ask the Holy Spirit to confirm or deny that moment in your life. GET YOUR STORY!

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