Be on the alert

1 Peter 5:8 Be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.   

Texting and driving and email.    

Look around … you see the Lord everywhere and he is apparent everywhere.   Look for the enemy … he is everywhere also but hidden.   Waiting for you to take the bait.   I have a bad habit of texting, driving and checking my email.   I would like to think I am very good at it.  (oh wait I am good at,  that is scary)  I find myself getting mad at people when I see them doing the very thing I do.   Go figure!   I use hands free, but it is still a distraction.   I have had a few close calls.   You know curbs, a mailbox the usual, I am sure you can relate.  We all receive warnings or wake up calls in this area and we heed them for a little while and then for the most part we are back to doing what we do on a regular basis again …. Right?  The other day I had an accident.  I pulled out of 7-11 on a two lane road heading north bound.  There was oncoming traffic and they were traveling southbound.   No sooner had I got up to speed (30mph) when a spare tire (fully air up on a rim)  came flying out of the back of this pickup truck and I was the bull’s-eye.  I could not go right nor left.   I think I had all but two seconds if that to react.  It took about two hops in the air about five feet tall I think.  I locked my truck up and was able to come to a complete stop before the tire hit my truck (3500.00 damages) had I been checking my phone or texting I probably would have taken that tire through my windshield and I would have been moving.    I said I had two seconds but it was probably less.  That was Monday, Tuesday in men’s group someone  posed the question “Do you think the Lord was trying to show you something?”   I said with a little exasperation “I don’t know!”    Then I heard it.   It was a wakeup call   ….. A warning, however you want to look at it about texting and driving.   It was very clear.  I have become way too comfortable with texting and driving.   So now I pull over to take care of business.

So the question is this.  Do you think you got it together with your driving that you can text?  If you do then I have news for you …… You don’t!   Be safe and be blessed


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