Flint, Sponge or Honeycomb

Today’s devo coincides with an email I received from a warrior oversees who is on a ship in the Navy.

Someone once said that there are three types of givers in life. One type is a flint, another is a sponge, and the third is a honeycomb. To get anything out of the flint, it must be hammered; even then, all that results are chips and sparks. To get anything out of the sponge, it must be continually squeezed and put under pressure. Finally, there is the honeycomb, just overflowing with its own sweetness. We can apply this analogy to our hearts. Sometimes, like the flint, God needs to work in our hearts in a difficult way in order for us to receive his goodness and then give it out. Sometimes, like a sponge, God needs to squeeze us and put pressure on us to bring forth any life from our hearts. Other times, like the honeycomb, we come to understand the goodness and grace of God, and love for other people overflows from our full hearts.

From: Wayne [mailto:chossen12@yahoo.com]
Sent: Saturday, November 24, 2012 5:27 PM
To: Kevin Gwyn
Subject: Re: [Matthew 6.6] Luke 11.28

Well it all started when I move my family from Virginia to Texas hoping to get a fresh start and it was a blessing with the house and UNTIL the house foundation shifted. I found myself after all filing chapter 7 and it proceed to go downhill from there and while all this happening I’m sailing out here on a ship to provide with a job that god bless me with to take care of my family while they are there and I’m all over the country and while looking back I’m not moving at all but also feeling that I’m losing all that I wanted for my family, house, car, etc. and I’m calling and calling and calling GOD FOR HELP because my family is there with her brother that prosuded us about Texas to move there and he don’t even check on them while I’m away so it’s more stressful but am starting to feel crush and I don’t have human soul as of now to help but the blessing I feel is that I’m preaching god word and praying and giving scriptures to all the people on the ship etc., that would RECIEVE gods holy word and while I’m standing waiting on god to move on my behalf, it’s getting scary so; that’s why I say pray for me and my family while as head of the family that I don’t fall by the wayside. Thanks for listing.

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So I read his email and I have been praying on what to do. For me I am supposed to help him. Not sure what that looks like, but I am waiting for a response from him.

He is obviously facing financial difficulty while away. So I am asking on Wayne’s behalf (he does not know I am asking this) the devo today just really spoke to me. Maybe it is just me that is supposed to help, I don’t know. I say pray about helping his family financially. I am not sure how all this looks but the Lord knows. Wayne is a patient of Kelly’s at Mansfield Family Dentistry

If anything please pray for Wayne and his family.


Bless you today!

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