Deuteronomy 10.16

Good day all!  Are you walking as a son or daughter of the King today?   I have been battling an attitude over the last few days.  It is really bad when you know that the issues that you have is your fault and no one else’s.  There is no one to blame, you can try but it does not work.  It just keeps coming back to you.   A lot of us like to blame their problems on the enemy.  We want to give the enemy credit when it is our fault.  We blame the enemy so we don’t have to look at ourselves.    I open up my Oswald Chambers devo this morning.  (It is the Utmost for His Highest with a journal; I have been reading out of this book since 01/06) some of the pages are blank and some have thoughts on them; today had a thought from 2008. 

When I open it up today the journal said “what do you want me to unlearn today?”  I just paused and stared.  A few minutes went by and  I turned to my bible and began reading in Deuteronomy.   I read chapters 5 through 10.  When I got to verse 10:16 I stopped,    

Deuteronomy 10:16 “Therefore, change your hearts and stop being stubborn.”

I have had a clear message this morning

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