Lord, I am walking with you

When I am in pain.

I sit down to explain

Lord You are my light,

That is when you burn so bright.


I know you hear me.

Answer me when you are ready.

When You talk to me,

The answer is meant to be.


Our Lord will find a way

To protect me everyday.

He gives me the tools that I need.

It is all in the bible, just read.


The answers are there,

In the bible everywhere.

Apply the laws of the word.

Nothing will go unheard.


I see you work through my friends.

They always have the right things to say.

My friends support me through out the day.

They say, keep seeking and looking too him and pray.


Lord, I am walking with you.

Bless me in all the things that I do.

Lord, You are the best.

You give me peace and allow me to rest.


My life now has a purpose.

There is more than just believing.

Live God’s way,

Begin to pray.


Your Holiness took me by surprise.

My faithfulness to You will constantly rise.

Your glory has me hypnotized.

You love me for who I am that I realize.


By kevin gwyn ÓCopyrighted 03/29/2002

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