Luke 24.16

Luke 24:16
But God kept them from recognizing him. NLT

There is much precious significance in this. The Lord is often present in our lives in things that we do not dream possess any significance. We are asking God about something which needs His mighty working, and the very instrument by which He is to work is by our side, perhaps for weeks and months and years all unrecognized, until suddenly, some day it grows luminous and glorious with the very presence of the Lord, and becomes the mighty instrument of His victorious working. He loves to show His hand through the unexpected. Often he keeps us from seeing His way until just before He opens it, and then, immediately that it is unfolded, we find that He was walking by our side in the very thing, long before we even suspected its meaning.

  1. B. Simpsom

How many times has this happened to you? You have something going on in your life that you have been praying about ….. and you wonder …….. Where is God in all of this? Then suddenly you realize that God has been right in the middle of it the whole time. YOU just didn’t see Him or better yet you chose not to see Him, because you didn’t like where it was going. In the end you are glad for the results; you just didn’t like the road you traveled.


At this time last year I was on crutches recovering from a broken leg. It sucked! It was very hard to see God in that picture. When I look back, I see what He was doing. It gave me an opportunity to learn my design software, refine my paperwork, and refine my advertising. I may have been down for three months, but starting in June I did more work last year and had my best year in business ever and I did it in six months. Thank you Lord!


Think back…… where was the Lord when at the time you thought He had left you.

Bless you

2 thoughts on “Luke 24.16

  1. I’m not so sure it is important for me to know apologetics to convince anyone of the Truth. Lee Strobel set out on a fact finding mission and he found them. He was searching. If I have relationship with someone who is searching and they say the bible is only a book – my response will be what if it is more than a book? It’s just made up stories – what if the stories are true? Jesus said Love one another – He didn’t say only love those who believe in me. I try not to argue or debate someone who tries to draw me into an argument. With Jesus help, my response will be compassion, mercy and love. In love – How is what you are doing and believing in now working for you ?



  2. I learned a long time ago – you cannot speak rationally to an irrational person. Faith comes by hearing and if the unbeliever refuses to hear, how can they believe in God who they don't believe can speak. No apologies – Jesus is Lord!


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