364 days ago

I was going through my blogs this morning when I read what I had posted 364 days ago. It was an eye opener. The Lord gave me a word this day and I did not follow through. The word fell on rock and the wind blew it away. Interesting what I wrote this morning and then I read this.


1/31/2010 I broke my fast last night, the Lord never gave me a set time to fast, but I got peace last night when I realized what was going on … a redirection. Here is what I know; the fast has reset my direction and my priorities. No diet …. Just eat right and exercise. No fast food that is the killer. Walk or ride a bike every day and lose 50 pounds. The lord has shown me that as the leader of my home that my wife will not follow suit until I get disciplined myself. My body is a temple and I am not doing a very good job at taking care of it. If I was a car I have not changed the oil in a year and have been filling up my tank with regular instead of premium.

Now to my time with the Lord this morning. I read in Oswald who took me to Romans 1, nothing jumped out at me so I continued to read on into chpt 2 Romans 2:5 but because of your stubbornness and unrepentant heart you are storing up wrath for yourself in the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God, NASB95

What is stubbornness? I would think that it is rebellion. 1 Samuel 15:23
for rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, And stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because you have rejected the word of the Lord, He also has rejected you from being king.”NKJV
Personally I do not want to walk in this. This was a major thumping for me as far as my eating goes, my lack of exercise, and my judgment of people. The whole morning was a major eye opener. The biggest thing by far is how I lead my wife spiritually and physically. Praying with her when the Lord says, instead of not doing it. Ministering to her the way I minister to men. Giving her the voice that I give men who are in need of ministry. That was what the Lord showed me two years ago when I when on Bushido. My life scripture was and still is James 1:26-27
if anyone thinks himself to be religious (piously observant of the external duties of his faith) and does not bridle his tongue but deludes his own heart; this person’s religious service is worthless (futile, barren). External religious worship [religion as it is expressed in outward acts] that is pure and unblemished in the sight of God the Father is this: to visit and help and care for the orphans and widows in their affliction and need and to keep oneself unspotted and uncontaminated from the world. AMP

To sum this up in the words of Richard Henderson and I quote “If you minister to men and women and not your family then what you are doing is making your wife and children the widow and orphan’s in your own home” when I asked my wife is that was me she looked at me and said “Yep, that is pretty much you most of the time” I will never forget that. I still struggle in that area but not near as much. I am trying to find a balance. Now to the rest of the story. The passage below nailed me as well and to sum it up. I need to practice what I preach and now that I am a co – leader of a men’s group at church this is more important than ever.

Romans 2:17-24
You who call yourselves Jews are relying on God’s law, and you boast about your special relationship with him. You know what he wants; you know what is right because you have been taught his law. You are convinced that you are a guide for the blind and a light for people who are lost in darkness. You think you can instruct the ignorant and teach children the ways of God. For you are certain that God’s law gives you complete knowledge and truth. Well then, if you teach others, why don’t you teach yourself? You tell others not to steal, but do you steal? You say it is wrong to commit adultery, but do you commit adultery? You condemn idolatry, but do you use items stolen from pagan temples? You are so proud of knowing the law, but you dishonor God by breaking it. No wonder the Scriptures say, “The Gentiles blaspheme the name of God because of you.” NLT

James 3:1
NOT MANY [of you] should become teachers (self-constituted censors and reprovers of others), my brethren, for you know that we [teachers] will be judged by a higher standard and with greater severity [than other people; thus we assume the greater accountability and the more condemnation].AMP


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One thought on “364 days ago

  1. I am both blessed and convicted by both of your blogs today. The eating and exercise are a constant battle within, and most of the time, Satan wins. Working for an automotive company, I especially like the car oil change and fuel analogy.

    The second blog about stopping to listening to the Lord about what He thinks before doing something (like eating when I am not hungry) really hits home. I know He recommends not doing it, but I am pretty quick (with Satan's help) to pretend like I don't hear Him and go ahead and eat anyway.

    Thanks for your insights and honesty in your blog – I appreciate it and will pray that both you and I listen for and hear his voice 24/7.



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