The Email

I have been going through a little email battle with a company that I get a little men’s devotional magazine from. I finally got frustrated enough that I sent him an email, (the editor) Tired of being frustrated.  Cancel my subscription please.  Not my individual but the group.  I will send a check immediately for the remaining balance.
It is interesting here because you never know when God is going to show up. (I think I wrote about this a few days ago) Here is what he responded back with. I am so very sorry about your frustration. I am also saddened that the men in your circle of influence who were served by Men of Integrity will no longer receive our spiritual encouragement and challenge. Please do accept my sincere apologies. We really do try our best to serve our customers, and it is we deep regrets that we have not been able to serve you.
So I just sat there and stared at the email for a while and then wrote a response. Here is what I said. I have started a men’s group in my home that is not affiliated with a church it is only affiliated with Jesus.  I am not with the other group anymore.  All I wanted was to drop my subscription down to 10 instead of 20 and I could not figure out how to do that on the website.  Don’t sweat it, the men in this group don’t even know. 

Here is what I know.  That Jesus said in Matthew 18:20
For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.”NKJV

So you see all is not lost.  Emails suck because you don’t hear the tone of the individual on the other end.  I am not mad; it is just easier to cancel than to keep going back and forth.  I think the Men of Integrity magazine is awesome and I have been reading it for four years.  In fact I have some missing copies.  What can I do to get the missing copies?  Do you have some back issues that you would sell?

You know as I read my email to you and ponder this whole thing ,  Holy Spirit just showed up and got my attention, and I just realized that I have not shown you any grace and certainly not the grace that my Father shows me.  For that I am sorry, will you forgive me.  Will you drop my subscription to 10 instead of 20?  Can you do that? 


So here is the deal, do I/we show the same grace to friends, family, businesses, whoever we interact with the same amount of grace that our Father shows us? Or do we pick and choose who we give grace too? Let’s go one more ….. Do you Love unconditionally or do you have standards that you go by and you pick and choose.







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