Be ready

Luke 12:35 (TPT) Be Ready
35 “Be prepared for action at a moment’s notice.

Luke 12.35  Always 1be in a mental, ready for action-mode, for any adventure opportunity to surprise you! Your mind-garments should be fastened with a girdle and your lamps lit.

Mirror Bible (

There are several verses that talk about being prepared.

1 Peter 3:15.      Matthew 24:42

Yesterday on the event that I am serving on, we had a great man get sick and he had to go home. He was our leader. This set off a chain reaction within the team. Several of the team members got elevated in their positions. They have all stepped up and are living out Luke 12.35 there is total peace with the team they were unified before and we are Unified still. I am grateful that I was invited.

I heard a new version of an older song yesterday, and it just let me up.

Surrender this is how I fight my battles

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