Canaan part IV


Actually, this sin includes every kind of sex sin. Sin is still sin, no matter how you spell it. Fornication is popular and sexual promiscuity is acceptable everywhere today—except in the Bible. No wonder men want to burn it, deny it, or crucify it. The Word still sets the standard of faith, gives the rule of conduct, and reveals the character of God. Reading about Samson, David, and others in Scripture is in itself a vital lesson concerning the results of sex sins. But the roll call goes on today. Man after man, who in many areas of life develops the potential of his manhood, is limited because of his sex sins. Both single and married men, young and old, are subject to the desires, appetites, passions, and temptations that take their toll and prohibit them from becoming what God intends them to be. Men’s ministries are undeveloped or lost. Men’s characters are underdeveloped or weak. God’s promise to sit with Him on His throne is given to those who are called overcomers. Overcomers are godly achievers. Every man is given opportunity to enter his Canaan, to develop his potential of manhood to the maximum. When the men of Israel committed fornication, they died in the wilderness, never seeing Canaan. Men still die in their wildernesses, bogged down in a moral morass, missing God’s best for their lives.

It wasn’t God’s plan then or now.

The Word says …… Jesus says ……

Matthew 5:28
but I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart. NASB95 This is why I lost my first marriage ………. Pornography. I might not have had slept with other women physically but I did in my heart. I gave a part of me away that was not mine to give. I have struggled in this area before since I found freedom. Today it is more like a hiccup. Like gorging my face with food, or being jealous, or being judgmental. I don’t sin in those areas every day. I am free! I told my wife yesterday that I just feel joyful. She said, “The joy of the Lord is your strength” I think for the first time I actually understood what that meant.

So what is Holy Spirit telling you?


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