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  1. I want to use the paragraph below in a book on Forgiveness I am writing.

    Every word in the Hebrew language relates to a number. Words that share the same numeric value are often connected in some way, and these connections frequently communicate deeper spiritual insights.

    490 is the numerical value of the biblical Hebrew word “tamim” which means to “complete,” “perfect,” or “finished.” A person who can’t forgive will always live an imperfect, and incomplete life that’s lacks a true understanding of the “finished” gracious work of the cross. 490 is also the value of the Hebrew phrase “Let your heart be perfect” (1 Kings 8:61). Forgiving helps to make us complete and is key to perfecting our heart. Rabbi Jason

    The above quote I what I would like to use.
    Thank you
    Rev Linda Ketchum
    author of the book I progress
    Forgiveness: The Greatest Gift you Can Give Yourself.

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    1. Absolutely I’m sure the rabbi wouldn’t mind either . Thank you for reading it’s actually one of my most favorite post


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